1st Informational Meeting

1st Informational Meeting

LifeHouse Church Hedgesville

A Vision worth the Sacrifice


Of these people the majority (56%) fall between ages 25 to 64;  30% between 25-44 and 26% between 45-64.
Taking National Survey Statistics on Religion from 2008 – 61.3% responded to not having been “born again” (a turning point in a person’s life where he/she committed to following Christ), whereas, 63.4% responded that they have no doubt that God exists.  So we see, most people in our culture are mindful of God (believe He exists), but have either not heard of Christ, have rejected that He is the Savior, or know Him only through ritual and traditionSo within 5 mile radius of school there are approximately 13,000 people who’ve not sold out to following Christ; approximately 52,000 people within 10 mile radius of school; and approximately 106,000 people within 15 mile radius of school


Statistics mean nothing
They mean nothing because numbers without names and faces actually overwhelm us into doing NOTHING

Think of all the people of the world
     We can’t save all of them, but we can influence one soul at a time for Christ
Think of all the problems in the world
     We can’t fix all of them, but we can fix some of them by seeing our world through the compassionate eyes of Jesus
Think of all the needs of the world
     We can’t meet all of them, but we can meet some of them by loving and serving our neighbors, even those who don’t deserve it
And think of all the causes of the world
     We can’t be involved in all of them, but we can and will be in tune with God in living out the greatest cause given to humankind – serving and sharing the love and hope of Christ with the people God brings into our lives
Examples in my own life of personal cause:   
Jackie, a student wrestling with sexual sin

What will the church look like?A Simple ChurchWe believe Salvation is from God and by God – He is the determiner of the Book of Life My snow-blowing ministry to my neighbors   Joy, a student who gave her heart to Christ

Our job is to teach the truth found only in the Word of God
We will stress discipleship because it leads to a persevering faith, which in turn leads to an assured salvation (Hebrews 10: 19 – 39)
We will NOT seek to be extravagant or flashy – rather we will be real and honest
Just be!  Let Me! – Allowing and trusting the Holy Spirit to guide us in our daily living, our worship of God, and our mission as God’s ambassadors to our communities
Our worship will be to celebrate God and to draw closer to Him
We are going to be Community focused
We believe our goal is NOT to separate ourselves from our community, but rather be an active participant in it
How can we meet the needs of those in our church as well as those who are suffering in our communities?
We will live by our theme – Serving and Loving to Know Christ – inside and outside the walls of the church
Christ served and loved, and the more we act like Him, the more we become like Him  
He also desires humility and fairness which are evident in placing others above ourselves
People in the community will know Christ through our acts of love and service
We will evangelize our communities, “One soul at a time”
Look at others through the eyes of Jesus to see their needs
What gifts and talents can you use in your community to help others?  Do you see those who are hurting?  Do you reach out to them?
We will use our act of worship in tithing as God purposed it to be used – giving it back to those who are in need
God’s money is a resource that should go into people, not buildings or things
We will be proactive in pursuing the causes of Christ
We will not say “no” if Jesus would not say “no”
We will place our emphasis on Common Unity LifeGroups as our means of spiritual growth and outreach, not corporate worship

Everyday is a “Friend” Day when you invite people into your home


What will the church look like? LifeGroups with a Common Unity

Each LifeGroup is an essential piece of the mission of LHCH
Will do the work of the church because it will be the missionaries of the church
Will be supported with a benevolence for the advancement of the Kingdom (i.e. neighbor loses job, unexpected death or injury, community events, etc. – dream as a group on how God would have His money used)
Is responsible for finding a common cause or causes within its community to support and influence
Each LifeGroup is a source of fellowship and spiritual growth for the church
Is the chasm for sharing the Gospel to its sphere of influence and then discipling those who make the decision of following Christ
Is responsible for remaining accountable to one another, to LHCH, and most importantly, to God
Each LifeGroup will be led by a leader/pastor/teacher
Leader must go through or be going through the Leadership Institute offered by our parent church, LHE, and be mentored by me
Leader must be of the highest integrity and character to ensure God’s Kingdom is appropriately represented in the community
Leader must hold to the vision of the church to love and serve others – humility is the main ingredient for keeping a person on the straight and narrow path that leads to life

Leader must consciously lead people in the truth – (James 3:1 – Not many of you should presume to be teachers because you know that we who teach will be judged by God more strictly) “italics added to emphasize who will be doing the judging”


What will the church look like?  Children learning through Play

Children grow through constant contact with their senses.  They need real experience to understand how a genuine God affects them today.  Our rotational model reflects the way that children learn with attention to their many types of learning styles.
When we think about the needs of children, we remember that they are not little adults.   Children need their own ministry.  They don’t need a: sit-in-a-circle, wait-for-the-adult-to-give-it-to-me lesson, so I-can-go-home-and-recite-word-for-word ministry.  They need learning experiences that meet their method of gaining information:  Hands on.  Therefore, the name for LifeHouse Church Hedgesville’s Children’s Ministry  is ChildzPlay. 

The Goal for the ChildzPlay Ministry is:  Growing Up!


What will the church look like? Rotational Model for ChildzPlay

It helps churches make use of the concepts of Multiple
Intelligences Theory, brain studies, gift-based ministry,
and other current education research. In the rotation
learning model, children experience God’s Word through
a variety of stations that allow the biblical story to enter
through all the intelligences and thus be retained by the
learner. With this higher percentage of retention, there
will be a higher possibility of a transformed life.
(from the: PowerXpress!® Director’s Manual: Elements of PowerXpress!®  Permission granted to copy for local church use. © 2002, 2006 Abingdon Press.)

What will the church look like?Why the Rotational Model?

Rotational learning is exciting for students and teachers alike, as teachers teach according to their strengths and students experience Bible stories in the ways they learn best.
Rotational learning is an extremely flexible model that adapts well to many settings.
Rotational learning builds on the advantages of repetition. The  more different ways children explore a story or concept, the more it is reinforced in their memories.
Rotational learning is grounded in the work of Howard Gardner in Multiple Intelligences Theory (see pages 6-9).

Rotational learning in PowerXpress!® is active learning and emphasizes the first seven intelligences that Gardner identified—verbal, logical, visual, physical, musical, social, and independent.


What will the church look like? Opportunities for Leadership

For Leader Partners:
Various opportunities are present in each ministry of the church to serve.  This is especially true for children’s ministry. 
Although some of the children’s volunteers will have a gift for teaching, others will have a gift for administration, hospitality, and training. 
Security needs for children are especially important so a chance to serve on the sign in/out area of ministry allows those with a gift for hospitality to greet and warmly welcome our littlest visitors and their parents.

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