1st Outreach of LHCH

1st Outreach of LHCH

Wow!  What a day!  Everything from having my 1985 Ford F150 overheat on the way to the Hedgesville Elementary PTO Carnival at 7:50 AM to spending the evening in a misty cold climate watching my two sons play a double header in baseball, in which they won both.  My day has been full, yet so fulfilling, even with all the bad stuff that happened.

Today, was the first of many to come of what LifeHouse Hedgesville is all about.  And it was so exciting to see Christ’s servants come out to serve a community in which there are no ties other than sharing the love of Jesus Christ. 

For me, church is expressed in many forms, and today we did church.  We worshipped God, not with song or preaching, but rather by honoring Him through our willingness to reach out to the community God has called us to minister to.  It was so exciting to interact with children and their parents.  What a great turnout!  We only hope and pray that our light did so shine that people who are searching for Christ will remember LifeHouse Hedgesville and one day give us the opportunity to share His love with them.

I had so much fun!  And I was extremely proud of my “possie” who were there from start to finish with smiles on their faces.  Today they used their talents to further invest in the Kingdom.  And I know God is smiling on their efforts.  Thanks for everything!

Thanks to the PTO for giving us the opportunity to come along side them and partner with them in raising funds for the important work they do for the school.  We hope it was a huge success.

Thanks to Hedgesville Elementary for giving us the opportunity to reach out to the children and parents of the Hedgesville community.  We hope the approximate 120 biodegradable watter bottles we gave as free gifts to those participating in the carnival are a reminder, everytime used, that we love them with no strings attached.

So, today was a great day!  Thank you Jesus for allowing us to serve you!  It is the greatest joy in all the earth.


  • Jeff & Stephanie

    15.05.2011 at 12:06 Reply

    Thank you all for coming and helping out! The PTO was so honored and blessed to have you there helping us! May God continue to bless your efforts! You guys are amazing!!

  • rdfoltz

    18.05.2011 at 23:24 Reply

    We enjoyed ourselves there, it was out pleasure to help out. Thanks @JD for getting us involved in this service opportunity and @the school for the event.

    Seemed like a lot of kids had a good time.

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