A Glimpse of LifeHouse Vision

A Glimpse of LifeHouse Vision

LifeHouse Church Hedgesville has the vision to impact a community for Christ through the acts of loving and serving.  Our desire is to be an integral part of the school (Hedgesville Elementary) in which we will meet by participating in its activities and events, as well as meeting the needs of its students, their families, and its faculty.

LifeHouse Church Hedgesville will officially open its doors in the Fall of 2011.  In the meantime, it meets in my home every first and third Sunday evenings of the month from 6 to 8 PM to gather for food, fellowship, singing, prayer, and study.  I am presently tutoring 17 students every Friday afternoon, and as a church, we are supplying Thanksgiving Food Packages to six families at the elementary school and four families at the high school. 

Our vision is to use tithe as God purposed it be used – to be given back to those who are in need.  We will not own a building, unless God places one in our lap, because we want to be able to “put the money where our mouth is.”  Our goal is not to separate ourselves from the community, but to be an active participant in it, hoping that the message of Christ will be heard by many through our acts of love and service.

We believe that if we want to know Christ more intimately, then we must follow in His footsteps.  Christ came to this world to show love and to serve.  His Kingdom goes against what our world tells us is strong.  Christ desires those whose hearts are humble and whose personality is meek.  He longs for people to treat each other fairly and to take on an attitude of placing others above ourselves.  It takes true strength to do such things because anyone can fight, but very few can walk away.

We hope and pray that God will make our church look this way.  We want God to bless our families – providing them with strength, stability, and protection.  We want God to meet our needs – trusting for His provision especially in time of need.  We want God to grow us into a family who reaches out to all – an ideal family who will call all brother and sister.  We want God to show us how to love and to serve.

So if you find yourself looking for such a place, come join us.  I won’t guarantee perfection because perfection only comes at Christ’s return.  But I will guarantee that we will strive for it.  We will not be self-serving, but others-serving.  We will do as Christ taught His disciples because we are His disciples, too.

God bless!  Hope to see or hear from you soon. 

Feel free to post any comments or questions.  You can also contact me through the church email:  [email protected].

In Christ,

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