God Delivers

God Delivers

Hard to believe but in just 3 posts we’ve covered the Book of Genesis.  

And what has God wanted us to take from His Story?

  1. Page 1 states thatHumanity is the Pinnacle of God’s Creationand He will do whatever it takes to save us despite our rebellion time and time again.
  2. Page 2 states that God’s plan of salvation involved Building A Nation.  And He does this through an unlikely older couple, Abraham & Sarah, who were willing to act on what He had called them to do.
  3. And page 3 states that Joseph’s Hardships would Save a Nation.  Joseph’s attitude was that his hardships, (done by humans to cause him harm), were used by God so that this nation of 70 people, and many others, would be saved from sure starvation.   And the personal lesson for us was that Hardships Save!  How is God using them for good in your life?

Well, let’s continue His Story.  This tiny nation of 70 people grew into a very large nation.  And a new Pharaoh came on the scene (one who knew nothing of Joseph’s fame in saving the nation of Egypt).  Because of the favor and size of this Hebrew nation living within his borders, He began to fear them.  In particular, he feared their ability to come against the Egyptians in war.  So he began to oppress them to keep them under control.

And his controls were

  1. To work them to death (hard slave labor) and
  2. To limit the Hebrew population from growing.

Since “ultrasounds couldn’t determine sex” and “abortion wasn’t legal”, his best option was to have the Hebrew midwives kill all the male babies.  When this didn’t work because the midwives feared God more than they feared him, he decreed – he mobilized – his people to do the job by throwing Hebrew male babies into the Nile River to drown.

(I think you can understand more clearly now why the Hebrew people were literally crying out to their God for help – they were under attack, their babies were being killed, and there was nothing they could do about it)

Well, God had a different plan in mind.  He knew it was time to get His nation out of Egypt (it was prophesied in Genesis 15: 13-16 that they would be there for 400 years) – He was hearing their cries and heartache that were stemming from all the oppression at the hands of the Egyptians.   So He had a soul in mind to deliver His nation – a male baby born from the line of Levi.

Exodus 2: 1-10 says God’s plan for deliverance can never be denied.

And this is how we see that God’s plan is indestructible.

  1. When man says to throw all male babies into the Nile River, God gives a mother the courage to hide her son for 3 months.
  2. When man says to throw all male babies into the Nile River, God provides a mother wisdom to float her son down the river in a basket so it will be seen by the daughter of Pharaoh.
  3. When man says to throw all male babies into the Nile River, God provides the Pharaoh’s daughter’s heart to soften to a Hebrew baby boy.
  4. When man says to throw all male babies into the Nile River, God provides that the mother be paid and given an opportunity to raise and train her baby son in the ways of the Hebrews.
  5. And, when man says to throw all male babies into the Nile River, God causes this same man, this Pharaoh, to permit this baby Hebrew boy to live – to actually live in the royalty of his palace.

God’s plan for deliverance can never be denied.  What He has set in place for the salvation of humanity will happen whether man likes it or not.

Exodus 2: 1-10 also says that God uses sinners to accomplish His plan.

Well, as The Story goes, this baby boy Moses grew into a man who knew his Hebrew heritage.  Yet, Moses didn’t do everything by the book.

  1. He murdered –  (He killed an Egyptian who was beating a Hebrew and this caused him to escape for his life to the desert where he became a shepherd.)
  2. He was an excuse maker – (Even though he heard the voice of God calling him through a burning bush, he made every excuse why he wasn’t the man God wanted to deliver His people from oppression.)

But despite Moses’ flaws, God had a plan for deliverance for His nation and Moses was the man to do it.

Think about it:  Who would be better among the Hebrew nation to do such a task?

  1. No other Hebrew was as educated – he was educated in the Egyptian schools.
  2. No other Hebrew had an in with the Pharaoh – literally knew royalty processes from being raised in it.
  3. And, no other Hebrew was free – all other Hebrews were in slavery.

So despite what Moses did or didn’t do, we humans often assume or maybe even hope that our faults will disqualify us from being used by God.  Yet, God used Moses to bring 10 plagues upon Egypt.  God used Moses to teach the Hebrews what needed to be done the night of the Passover, and God used Moses to lead His people out of Egypt and across the Red Sea.

So how does this apply to you and me?

  1. You and I will never change God’s plan.  Who is man to intend harm and destruction to God’s plan?  It’s very clear from this story that God’s plan cannot be stopped.  It will happen no matter what man tries to do to stop it. It happens because God’s plan for deliverance can never be denied.
  2. You and I will be used.  Who is man to tell God he can’t do God’s plan?  God is going to use you whether you like it or not.  And as He assured Moses that He would be with Him in this calling, so too can you be assured He will be with you as well.  So quit fighting and prolonging the misery.  You might as well just say “Yes” because you are going to be used as part of God’s plan for salvation, whether you like it or not.

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