Obeying Christ’s Teachings

Obeying Christ’s Teachings

Hoping you are enjoying the weather (the warmth of the sunshine – feels like Spring doesn’t it?)  Question is:  How long will it stay this way?  We shall find out.

I wrote that last week in an update I sent out to the church.  Well, obviously it didn’t last very long as temps got a lot colder and even today we have been dealing with sleet and snow.  I just find it amusing how things can change so quickly:))))))))

And that leads me into my thought for today.  

Just found out on Sunday that our church was told by a business in the warehouse complex that we were using their dumpster for our trash.  Needless to say, this surprised me as we had had difficulty with this same situation back when we were remodeling The House during the summer months.

So when confronted the first time about our misuse of the dumpsters, I determined to find out what dumpster is used for the site (you see you can only go on what someone else tells you).  And in asking, I was told that we were to use the green dumpster on the concrete pad sitting beside the orange dumpster.  And that is what we have done over the past months.

Well due to the latest confrontation , I once again had to ask some questions, not as ammunition to use against the business, but rather to find out the truth (we don’t want to be doing something wrong and give this business or anyone else the impression that the Church can do whatever it wants without any consideration for others).

And what I found out is that the green dumpster is not the site dumpster; it is the orange dumpster.  We have been using the wrong dumpster for months:((((((

So what do we (I) do?  Well, first I humbly must go to this business and apologize for the church’s actions – that we had gotten our lines of communication with Rental Properties mixed up regarding the site dumpster.  Second, I will willingly offer to this business restitution for our usage.  And third, we will use the ORANGE dumpster for our trash – hopefully this is right this time.

Change can occur even when the routine of what we are doing seems right and true.  There are times we are doing things wrong – sometimes knowingly, other times unknowingly.  In either case, just because we are doing something over and over again, and their seems to be no consequence to what we are doing, does not make it right and true.  You see, we have to be open to hearing what the Spirit is saying to us internally and through others.  Then we have to humble ourselves and seek the truth.  And if the truth means change, then we must seek forgiveness and do the right thing.

It would be so easy for me to simply let the misunderstanding that has occurred fade away with time – just use the correct dumpster and nothing else will be said.  But that is not what Jesus has taught and commands me to do.  He has taught, “Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar.  First go and be reconciled to your brother, then come and offer your gift.” (Matt 5: 23-24)

If the Church is to be the Church that Christ is calling it to be, then it has to do the tough things because Christ commands it to.  You see, our gift, if done God’s way, will be a blessing to Him and will bring us His favor.  But, if we give our gift our way, God is not honored.

So, take some time today to reflect on the things you are doing in life – some may be routine – and ask if God is asking you to change.  If He is, then honor Him in making the change by doing it His way, not yours.

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