The Big Change

The Big Change

Hello all,
Though this email will not apply to all, it is important for all to know so that you may continue to pray for those of us who are moving forward in physically planting LifeHouse Hedgesville.  Thank you for your support.
First, there’s an informational meeting we will hold at LHE in Theatre 1 on 4/17.  It will be at 9 AM.  In this meeting we’ll discuss ministry teams and the expectations for the different service ministries we will offer on a Sunday morning.
Second, we have a partnership with the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) of Hedgesville Elementary to put on a school-wide carnival.  This is a great investment on our part!  The vision I had since God placed the call to church plant on my heart is to partner with existing agencies within our community.  God made it very clear to me that the church doesn’t need to create social venues that are greater than the existing ones that are presently offered to the community.  Rather, it needs to come alongside them; bringing the light of Jesus into these venues that are already doing good works.  God made it very clear to me that we’re not to be about “preaching” the Gospel to show a person his/her place (you know, “Turn or Burn”).  Rather we are to show that the church is a good place to be because it cares about the person and his/her community.  And in that loving and caring place is a place for the person to hear and understand the refuge Christ offers to a world full of pain. 
The date of the carnival is May 14 (raindate is May 21), and the details are as follows:
Time:  12 – 3 PM
Place:  Hedgesville Elementary School
Purpose:  To raise funds for the PTO to use for the students at Hedgesville Elementary;  To draw the attention of the community that a new church who cares about them is coming soon
What’s Needed:  Servant Volunteers to man game stations and punch student tickets based upon results of game;  Servant volunteers to pass out a free gift (LHCH water bottle with info)to all adults attending the carnival with their children;  Servant volunteers to man the moon bounce stations the church is paying for;  Servant volunteers to come early (8 AM) and leave late (~4 PM) to help set up and tear down the carnival
What to Expect:  Children and Adults will purchase tickets for everything in one location upon entering the carnival.  These tickets cost $.25 each and are used for games, moon bounces, and concessions.  There will be discounted ticket rates:  $5 = 20 tickets, $10 = 45 tickets, and $20 = 100 tickets;  Game instructions will be provided at each game to assist the servant volunteer in administering the game and the # of hole punches to be given;  All are welcome to participate in the carnival, not just the students who attend the school
Concessions: Sold by tickets. Each ticket is $0.25.
These are the prices we all agreed on. They can be changed if necessary.

Slice pizza= 6 tickets
Popcorn= 2 tickets
Hotdog= 4 tickets
Nachos and cheese= 6 tickets
Juice box= 2 tickets
Bottle water= 3 tickets
Small bag chips= 2 tickets
Can soda= 3 tickets
Cotton candy= 4 tickets
Third, there is a BIG change coming to the timeline!  It’s a very exciting change!  A change where I felt God really pulling at my heart to make an adjustment.  He was saying to me, “Why not start the church now?”  So beginning in May, LifeHouse Church Hedgesville will begin meeting in the Cardwell home from 10:30 to noon on Sunday mornings.  On a Sunday morning we will worship through singing, prayer, and the study of God’s word.  Our children will also have an opportunity to learn about God as Caroline will be teaching them as the adults worship together.  A light breakfast, like that which will be offered when we’re at the elementary school, will be provided.  We will use this opportunity to grow in our relationship with one another, to invite our friends and neighbors to church, and to develop strategies for upcoming events in preparation for the public launch on 9/11.  All other events prescribed on the timeline will remain unless God speaks again.  So keep your ears open:)
Okay, I think that is all. 
In Christ,

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