Transformers! – Perspective

Transformers! – Perspective

How far have you come?  Have you stepped onto the road to transformation?  If you have, where are you in relationship to where you started – closer to the beginning or to the end?  What are you noticing about your life of transformation?  Who do you look like more today – yourself or Jesus?  And if you look into the mirror and see you, then why isn’t Jesus being seen in your reflection?

Remember, a life claiming Jesus as Lord and Savior is a life on the road to transformation.  Yet we all don’t walk at the same pace.  We all don’t get on the road at the same place.  We all have different obstacles that we face.  But we know we’re on the road if we’re seeing these signs.

So ask yourself: Am I seeing the signs?

  1. Am I seeing surrender? Am I surrendering to God’s ways over my own, which in reality is submission to God?
  2. Am I seeing renewal? Is my mind being renewed daily to know God’s true and perfect will?
  3. Am I serving? Am I showing myself to be deserving of God’s favor by humbly serving Him through serving others?
  4. Do I love? Do I love others as God loves me, especially those who don’t love me in return?
  5. Am I diligent? Am I persistent and diligent in overcoming the obstacles I will face on my journey? In other words, do I persevere or do I quit?

So again I ask what signs are you seeing? Are you seeing some, but not all?  Maybe you’re not seeing diligence because you haven’t fully surrendered your will to God’s.  Maybe you’re not able to love because you haven’t renewed your mind on what love is to be.  Whatever the case, all these signs have to be evident in your life if you are to say you have been on the road to transformation.  For as your obstacles change, so you must be willing to change in order to overcome them (notice I didn’t say avoid them).  And you can’t do it without seeing these signs in your life: surrender, renewal, service, love, and diligence.

Today we’re going to look at the 6th sign of transformation found in Romans 12 verse 12.  The sixth mark of transformation is: Perspective – the Good Book is the proper outlook.

Perspective is God’s outlook on life and our situations.  It allows us to look at our obstacles from Heaven and know what is the best way to overcome the obstacles.

It’s like this, when you’re in the valley all you can see is what is immediately in front of you – it is overwhelming and seems hopeless.  But when you’re on the mountaintop, you can see your surroundings from a different viewpoint, which allows you to know the better path to take and gives you hope that you can get through this.

Perspective shows you that you need God in all your circumstances.  It’s when we operate in our own strength (from our own perspective) that we always come up short and miss the finish line.

Jesus told a parable, which I have preached on a few times, about seed from God sown (truth) that fell on the hearts of people (soil).  And the illustration He taught from this parable has been invaluable to me as a pastor – helping me to stay sane and to have a correct perspective on why people have come and gone in our church.  It’s been hard to see people leave when I know this church has done its best at representing the church that Jesus would proudly call His.

So here is the outlook that God has allowed me to see.

  • First, it’s the Devil’s work to get people to never accept God’s truth of salvation.  Some never accept this truth because their hearts have been hardened – they don’t need a savior; they just can’t believe that they are bad enough for God to punish them.
  • Second, it’s the Devil’s work to have people become distracted if they do accept the truth of salvation.  Some accept the truth of salvation, get excited, but with time either fall away from it or get choked out and never mature.  Those who fall away fall away because of obstacles. They begin to think that “If God is so good, then He should remove all obstacles from my life. People I love shouldn’t get sick or die; I should never lose a job; God should protect me from evil, etc.”  They believe that all testing should go away and the path to transformation should become smooth, clear, and straight.  And so because faith requires work they fall away.  Now those who get choked out never mature because their attention is drawn elsewhere – they have not refused to believe in Christ, but rather have been drawn away from Him.  They worry about everything or they have nothing to worry about at all – can get, can go, can do what they want without worry.  In other words they don’t pray because they don’t trust God or they don’t pray because they don’t need Him.  So the Devil distracts them and they never mature; thus never completing the road to transformation.

So the Good Book has given me the proper outlook. It has given me perspective.  It has permitted me to see life from a different angle.  And it will give you the proper outlook as well.  How much easier life is when you can look at it from Heaven – you can see everything and the easiest way to go.

So where are you on this road that we are to be traveling together? Are you distracted, meaning you’re in the valley or veering off the path?  If you’re in the valley because of your worry and anxiety, the obstacles you’ll come across will look hopeless.  I exhort you to not quit and take your own path because the path that looks best to you will lead to a cliff.  If you’re veering off the path because something looks more appealing off of it, then your distractions will lure you away keeping you from finishing the race.  I exhort you to stop being distracted and know that the luxuries of this life pale in comparison to the next one.  Get back on the path and be diligent in remaining there so that you and I can cross the finish line together.  And if you’re on the mountaintop looking at the pathway from God’s point of view, you’ll see that the pathway comes with obstacles along with beauty.  I exhort you to stay on the path because you have an advantage.

Your advantage will be that you will hear God’s voice – He will show you the way He wants you to take when you get to whatever situation you find yourself so you will finish strong.  So let’s finish this race together. Let’s look at life from God’s perspective.  Remember the Good Book is the proper outlook.

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