What’s happening at LifeHouse Hedgesville

What’s happening at LifeHouse Hedgesville

Wow! Here we are nearing the end of January, about 8 months away from the launch of God’s new church. It’s hard to believe that we’re that close, yet still have so much to do.

First, I want to say farewell to Matt and Kristen Cassidy as God has called them to pursue a career in the military. Matt was one of the first people I told about God’s calling to plant a church, and he was instrumental (no pun intended) in directing us to our home church, LifeHouse East. We hope and pray for God’s blessings and safety to be upon them as they begin this new phase of their lives. We also pray that God lead another worship leader to LHCH as we draw nearer to our launch date.

Second, there’s a lot of things happening behind the scenes. Obviously, there’s this blog (lhch.blogspot.com) and an email address ([email protected]). Just recently I have been working on a Facebook page to represent the church. I would love to use this social media to invite our friends and families to join and support us. This past Sunday we shared the vision of LHCH with LifeHouse East and made a call to the them to see who might come along with us on this journey. Fifteen committed followers of Jesus said they’d like to be part of our adventure – our cause – and we are very excited about this.

Third, with the window of time beginning to narrow, we’ve begun a calendar to show some very important dates and times in the life of LHCH. Beginning in February and concluding in May, we will hold monthly informational meetings to discuss the pathway of the church. Here we will also look at the roles Christ’s servants will be responsible for in getting LHCH up and running. In May, we will also celebrate 17 students I tutor, along with their families, by throwing them a picnic with fun and games in honor of their hardwork throughout this school year. This event will be our first major event in reaching out to our community. In June, we will hold our first Preview Service to begin working out some of the kinks of the worship experience. This service will also let the team truly feel what the worship experience will be like. We will then begin inviting friends to our next Preview Service in July, and will continue to tweak the overall experience so that at launch we will be giving our best. We will continue to invite friends to our final two Preview Services in August, hoping that with each service the attraction builds for what we’re doing. Finally, in September, the weekend after Labor Day, we will launch LHCH on a infamous day in history, 9/11. We’re praying that God use this date to help people realize that the security and freedom they may not have in this world can be realized in Christ.

And so, there you have a glimpse of what’s happening in the world of LHCH. I hope it excites you as it excites me. I’m chomping at the bit to see what God is going to do through us. Love you.

In Christ,

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